5th Annual Debate – ASDA District 1

5th Annual Debate – ASDA District 1

State Representative Jeffrey Sanchez will be opening up for the day.

In the Tufts corner, and the current reigning champs:

  • D17 Jordan Shapiro
  • D16 Christopher Paolino
  • D15 Claire McCarthy
  • D15 Saad Aziz Butt

Representing the home team hailing from BU:

  • DMD 4 James Lee
  • DMD 2 Mike Mayr
  • AS 2 Farah Khatoon
  • AS 1 Rushil Dang

And finally from Harvard, a team so elusive and deadly:

  • DMD 2 Lauren Hum
  • DMD 2 Lily Liu
  • TBA
  • TBA

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