HSDM ASDA Advocacy Month 2020

HSDM ASDA Advocacy Month 2020

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⁣HSDM Advocacy Month has come to a wrap! Thank you to all the dental and pre-dental students who attended our Advocacy Month activities! We witnessed so much advocacy spirit and passion this month, from the thought-provoking discussions had in Zoom chats and Q&As to members sharing and speaking for advocacy causes that are important to them. Even though Advocacy Month is over, it is important to continue educating yourself and advocating!

As a recap, we had an oral and mental health trivia event on Kahoot, a fluoridation talk on challenges and strategies from Dr. Myron Allukian Jr., and a sugar control policy talk from Dr. Cristin Kearns. We shared 2 IG posts: a Dental Advocacy 101 post and another informative post on the different types of insurance! ⠀

Additionally, we created and shared a molar bear filter where 25 HSDM ASDA members (+ 1 non-HSDM member Livier Mora) shared what they were passionate about within dental advocacy!

A BIG shoutout to Chloe Zana and the rest of the co-chairs who made these events possible!!

Also, featuring the 2 winners of the cute Club Chamfeur sweaters!